BostonCAN fight global warming!

Hooray for election of Barack Obama! Now we stand a good chance of finally seeing the United States take some positive steps on climate change mitigation and adaptation. It’s up to us to make sure those are giant steps — Yes, we can!

The winter months promise to be very challenging as we face volatile fuel costs and a depressed economy generally. But we also have many new opportunities for changing the energy picture in our communities. The first greenhouse gas permit auction under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative raised more than $13 million dollars for conservation and efficiency projects in our state.

This is a great time to volunteer your time for climate justice. All hands on deck!

Rally for an Energy Empowerment Revolution

Tuesday, November 25,

6 – 7:30pm

Faneuil Hall, Boston

At a time of unstable energy prices, economic recession and the growing climate crisis, there is a need for urgent investment in weatherization to help families and businesses in Massachusetts break the cycle of winter energy crisis. Info: Lilah Glick, 617-338-8131 ext. 202

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