How Climate Change Will Affect Massachusetts…And How Our State is Stepping Up to the Challenge

The United States Global Change Research Program, a collaborative effort between the White House and federal agencies, just released its report on the current and future effects of climate change in the United States. While the results shouldn’t be surprising to those of us paying close attention to this issue, the “great unknown” of just how severe the future shocks of climate change will be should give us all pause. The report underscores the fact that the health of our planet depends on what do today to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate global warming and climate change.

To learn more about rising sea levels in New England, check out the recent Washington Post article warning that “sea levels could rise faster along the U.S. East Coast than in any other densely populated part of the world”. Of course, curbing our carbon emissions now can keep the glaciers from melting, and keep Bay State residents on dry land.

To meet the challenges of global warming on the Bay State, Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) is thinking proactively and studying the likely effects of climate change on the state’s natural environment and economic viability, including rising sea levels and increased incidence of floods and droughts. The Climate Change Adaptation Advisory Committee expects to issue a report to the state legislature by December of this year outlining strategies for adapting to the expected climate change effects.

How You Can Help

The Advisory Committee, comprised of representatives from the business, academic and non-profit sectors, invites the public to attend its meetings. The next event is scheduled for Thursday, July 30th at 100 Cambridge Street in Boston, with details and the full schedule of meetings available on the Advisory Committee’s web site.

You can also get involved with the City of Boston’s year-long Community Advisory Committee as part of the Renew Boston Climate Action planning process. You don’t have to be a climate change expert to be on the committee, but you do need to be a Boston resident who cares about taking action to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Anyone can nominate themselves before the deadline this Friday, June 26th. A Spanish-language version of the nomination form is available.

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