Hands off the EPA, Senators!

BostonCAN joined forces recently with New England United for Justice and Paint Brown Green to bring out dozens of people to oppose gutting of the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act. Pictured at left, Sandra Ramgeet, of New England United for Justice, described the fact that climate change in already worsening air quality, “Low-income communities suffer enough as pollution affects the air we breathe and asthma rates increase in our neighborhoods. We need the Clean Air Act to continue to protect our neighborhoods.”

Gathering in Boston on April 1st, folks from Environment Massachusetts, Mass Climate Action Network, 1Sky, Greenpeace, Global Warming Education Network, and 350.org joined organizers in coal costumes and air pollution filtration masks for a march to Senator Brown’s and Senator Kerry’s offices. Chanting continued outside while a delegation  carrying letters and petitions from constituents met with the Senators’ staff members to advocate for the lawmakers to reject compromises on climate and energy bills that would limit the EPA’s authority.  The action was timed to coincide with similar events nationwide organized by 1 Sky. See more photos on MCAN’s Facebook page.

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