New poll shows support for climate action

Here’s a link to a new poll that contradicts last year’s reports that people in the US were becoming more skeptical about climate change.

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Public support for action on global warming has grown since January

June 9, 2010

The Yale Project on Climate Change just released a poll that found growing support for measures to reduce global warming pollution. It interviewed 1,024 people from May 14 to June 1, and compared the results to a similar poll it conducted in January 2010. CAP’s Daniel J. Weiss and intern Ariel Powell have the story.

There was more support or more intense support in the June survey for the following actions.

* Global warming should be a very high or high “priority for the president and Congress.”
* Corporations and industries should take more steps to reduce global warming.
* Nearly two-thirds of respondents agreed that the “United States should reduce its greenhouse gas regardless of what other countries do.”
* The U.S. should make a large-scale or medium scale effort, even if it has large or moderate economic costs.
* There was an 8 percent increase in strongly or somewhat support “regulating CO2.”
* The poll found nearly a one-third increase in strong support for “providing tax rebates for people who purchase energy efficient vehicles or solar panels.”

By far the two most popular clean energy policies were “fund renewable energy research” and “provide tax rebates for efficient cars and solar panels.” However, “regulate CO2” had more support than “expand offshore oil drilling,” much more support than “build more nuclear power plants.”

These polls reiterate strong public support for comprehensive clean real energy reform that includes reductions in global warming pollution. There is additional urgency to this demand after the BP oil spill. It’s up to the U.S. Senate to respond to this public outcry for action. … read more at Climate Progress.