Neighborhood Weatherization Skill-share

The federal government hasn’t cut carbon yet, so let’s do it ourselves!
The state’s energy efficiency programs don’t go far enough, so let’s show what savings are possible when air sealing is made a priority. Join a Codman Square neighborhood weatherization skill-share to take a practical step toward reducing Boston’s carbon footprint.

This house illustrates the common experience of residents who are told by Mass Save that there’s nothing the program can do to help because they’ve already got some insulation. There’s air sealing in the attic that’s needs to be done, more insulation could easily be added and there’s a ton of air passage into the basement and up through the balloon framing and the plumbing and wiring chases. And like all older Boston homes, a few rattling windows and gaping doors.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and see if we can’t reduce the draftiness of this home and send a message to MassSave that we must do better at reaching urban homes and those who are beyond the step of simply needing insulation.

Sunday, March 13 · 10:00am – 2:00pm
41 Brent St., Codman Sq, Dorchester

• Help to weatherize the home of two long-time community activists
• Learn skills you can take back to your own home
• Make new friends
• Share food and celebrate with neighbors

The work list includes:
• Sealing air leaks in basement
• Sealing air leaks in attic
• Make old windows less rattling and drafty with a few inexpensive fixes
• Weatherstipping doors

Sign up on-line at: or by calling: 857-544-6846

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