Think Global, Act Local

A Community Climate Action Roundtable
Thursday, March 24, 6-8pm

Suffolk University, 73 Tremont Street, 1st floor, Boston

All politics are local, according to the sages, but many problems are global and hard to understand on the basis of lived evidence. How can we build a strong, grassroots climate movement when climate change is still so far off most people’s list of immediate concerns? And how can we end our nation’s fossil fuel addication without building a strong, grassroots movement that pulls our politicians out of the clutches of the carbon-ocracy?

Join BostonCAN and other area sustainability organizations as we discuss stories of successful collaboration between community-based organizations and national groups. Cindy Luppi from Clean Water Action will present on stopping coal power in eastern Mass. And Mela Bush from Greater Four Corners Action Coalition will present on improving mass transit in Dorchester.

We will have plenty of time for participants and representatives of other national and neighborhood-based sustainability organizations (such as Bikes not Bombs and Greenpeace) to discuss best practices for building effective partnerships between neighborhood-based groups and larger organizations to bring the global issues home and amplify grassroots voices.

Snacks provided. Free and open to the public. Co-sponsored by Boston Climate Action Network and Suffolk University’s Sustainability Committee and The Moakley Institute.

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