Come to a Rally and Bike Ride Against Scott Brown and for the Clean Air Act!

The kick-off rally for parading the “Scott Brown Gutting the Clean Air Act” ad is happening Wednesday, July 6 at 5:00pm at City Hall Plaza, followed by a *slow* bike ride (read, if you don’t want to show up with your bike, come anyway and you can *walk* with the ad!

Just two weeks ago, an ad connecting Scott Brown’s vote to gut the Clean Air Act with the $1.9 million poured into his campaign by the fossil fuel industry was banned by the MBTA for being “too controversial.” Over 250 Massachusetts residents made this ad happen with average donations of $40, and we don’t plan to let this slide. Join us in taking this ad to the streets. Every family in Massachusetts deserves to know that Scott Brown put his corporate donors’ profits above the health of our families.

Please spread the word about this bike rid! Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your bike, and lets make sure everyone sees this ad. The Scott Brown Puppet and Fat Cats will be in attendance! The Press has been warned and is biting! Scott Brown and staff are on the defensive!

It’s *really* important that we have a good turn out to keep this momentum going — we are making serious progress in getting visibility for this issue and are laying some essential groundwork as we move into the senatorial campaign! We are getting the public’s attention!


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