Stop the Tar Sands Pipeline!

Alberta’s tar sands are the “largest carbon bomb in North America” according to climate activist Bill McKibben. This Fall, the Obama administration will choose whether to allow the construction of a huge pipeline that will carry corrosive, pressurized tar sands sludge from Canada to the Texas gulf coast for refining and shipping. If we can stop the pipeline, the tar sands exploitation will be largely shut down, the world’s atmosphere protected from release of all that carbon, and lands and waterways throughout the midwest relieved of the very great likelihood of devastating leaks.

In an attempt to diffuse this carbon bomb, McKibben, James Hansen, and more than 2000 other climate activists have pledged to engage in civil disobedience at the White House between Aug. 20th and Sept 3rd. New teams of protesters will risk arrest every day, building public awareness and pressuring the Obama administration to reject the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

Wednesday, Aug 17th, you can join BostonCAN and allies at Bella Luna restaurant from 7 to 9pm to discuss the Stop the Pipeline action and civil disobedience in general, and brainstorm ways to make the dangers of tar sands exploitation better understood in Boston.

You can get more details about the action at:, and you can read an article by Jamaica Plain-based journalist Ellen Cantarow about the problems with the tar sands and the pipeline at: