Jamaica Plain Moving Planet Parade

JP Moving Planet parade of solutions
Solar and wind or tar sands pipeline -- what's your choice?

Showing off images of wind and solar power, sharply contrasted with a Tar Sands Pipeline prop, the Parade of Solutions through Jamaica Plain engaged 50 people in Moving Planet, Saturday, Sept, 24. Bikes Not Bombs and the Emerald Necklace Conservancy brought out a energetic contingent of youth and adults who helped lead the paraders with original chants touting the power of renewables and calling on President Obama to reject the Tar Sands Pipeline. The parade was festive with kids and grown-ups waving pinwheels donated by Boing, beautiful banners proclaiming our visions of a clean energy future, and one biker towing a gaily decorated cart carrying with two dogs.

Moving Planet parade at Forest Hills Station
Paraders called for "bike power" along with alternative energy.

When the pedestrian part of the Parade reached North Station, we were thrilled to meet up with groups coming in from the North Shore and our contingent grew as we approached Columbus Park and met other parades coming from Park Street Station and South Station. More photos of the event can be seen at Moving New England’s website and Facebook page.

KidsArts helped decorate our banner
KidsArts helped decorate our banner!

Many thanks to all the wonderful people who came out and especially to those who helped prepare for the Parade in one way or another.