Spring is Here: Raise Your Voice!

What’s better than writing a letter to your congressman about climate change? Writing your letter with friends and sending a whole bunch of letters in conjunction with people all over the nation! That’s what Greening Rozzy (GR) board member Karen Kirchoff did on a snowy February afternoon when she held a letter writing party at the Select Cafe in Roslindale Square. Karen gathered members of GR, BostonCAN, and Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) and, after a quick briefing on Carbon Tax bills, nine of us got down to writing three letters each. In two hours time we had 27 hand-written letters to Elizabeth Warren, Barak Obama, and various House members.

To put on your own letter writing party all you need is stationery supplies, around ten people, and a place conducive to writing — like a cafe or someone’s house. It could even be an excuse for a picnic in the Arboretum. Citizens Climate Lobby has sponsored hundreds of letter writing parties around the country as part of their “Million Letter March” campaign to generate a million citizen letters calling for meaningful climate legislation. If you want to put on your own letter writing party, BostonCAN will publicize it through their mailing lists and CCL-Boston will send a speaker, educational materials, and the latest information on climate legislation — just to get folks in the letter-writing mood. Letter writing parties are a quick and fun way to participate in climate politics and original, hand-written letters have much greater impact than a larger number of internet-generated emails. Getting a few hundred letters is a concrete way to show our elected officials that their constituents want them to take real action to stop climate change.

To have CCL-Boston and BostonCAN co-sponsor your letter writing party, email Gary Rucizinsky  and cc: BostonCAN.

— Jack Thorndike