Will Boston’s Next Mayor Be a Climate Champion?

To show Boston’s mayoral candidates that you care about climate change and sustainable neighborhoods, please sign Neighborhoods for Climate Accountability’s voter pledge at www.hoods4climate.org or on this form.

My Mayor has to be a climate champion!


Neighborhoods for Climate Accountability is a recently formed coalition of groups based in Boston neighborhoods, convened by Alternatives for Community and EnvironmentBoston Climate Action NetworkGreen DorchesterGreeningRozziePlanet Southie, and West Roxbury Saves Energy. Each of our neighborhoods is unique, yet each is affected by climate change already and faces increasing vulnerability to storms, disease, and other ecological disruptions. In our shared concern for both short-term and long-term quality of life in our neighborhoods, we have formed this coalition to monitor and influence the City’s effort to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

We know that you share our vision of Boston neighborhoods acting in solidarity to become more resilient, a Boston that produces its own energy and conserves wisely that portion of our energy that we can’t produce, a Boston that is actively engaged with regional planning efforts on transportation, water management, food distribution, and all of the issues that we must address for Boston to remain vibrant in the face of climate change.