Energy Democracy

This webinar, part of New Economy Week, is really worth watching/listening to. It raises important questions about how the clean energy future connects to a Just Transition to a more democratic and economically equitable society, and what the implications of this are for policy and organizing.

New Economy Week, November 9-13, was organized by the New Economy Coalition. Day by day, they dug into these topics:

What are the strategies and policies to create an economy that guarantees good work and meaningful opportunity for all?

What are the economic tools and strategies that will dismantle systemic racism and move us closer to collective liberation?

How can we advance democracy and self-determination on the issues that impact our lives?

What are the policies, campaigns, and grassroots initiatives that can address the magnitude of the climate crisis while building shared prosperity?

How can we claim access and control over what we need to live full and prosperous lives?

See all the webinars, discussions, and articles at

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