Speaking of Paris…

Here are three takes on the global climate change summit.

From the New York Times

Paris Climate Talks Avoid Scientists’ Idea of ‘Carbon Budget’

….The carbon budget will probably not get much attention in Paris for simple reasons.

Wrestling with a budget would, for instance, throw into stark relief the global inequities at the heart of the climate crisis. And it would underscore just how big the problem really is, how costly the delay in tackling it has been and how inadequate the plans being discussed in Paris are for limiting the risks…..

Moreover, any serious discussion of the carbon budget would amplify a point of serious contention, known as “climate injustice,” in the talks.

To The Bullet Socialist Project….

COP21 Fossil Fuel Addiction: A guide for intervention from the climate justice movement

Fossil Fuel Addiction is killing the planet. The Climate Justice Movement must ready for an intervention before this addiction kills us all. The following is a practical guide to recognize addictive behaviour as well as how to effectively intervene to assist in the Addict’s recovery….

Linear thinking is the enemy. Addicts tend toward linear and concrete dissociative thinking. Remind them we are now living amidst abrupt climate change. When severe distortions are introduced and become systemically disruptive, eco-systems become defined more by chaos theory and complex dynamics….

Don’t be afraid to say how you really feel. A non-violent, direct-action, civil disobedience intervention will not be effective if you worry more about the Addicts’ feelings than you do about the future of the planet, or those immediately immediately impacted….

Get professional help. If you are still not able to convince the polluter to seek treatment, ask a seasoned professional agitator to assist you….

And the best of all, from The Bullet:

Our Fight for Survival

Although it is not nearly as large or powerful as it needs to be, the climate movement today is a force to be reckoned with, a sprawling tent of groups capable of scoring such victories as pushing Shell out of the Arctic and killing the Keystone XL pipeline. It is that force that has now been taken off the streets of Paris.

Why?…what is it the French state and its allies in this warming world want to achieve in Paris?…to produce the semblance of a solution, to instill the feeling that our leaders have finally promised to care for our common future and have stood up to the challenge of our time, and bla bla bla.

But the whole construction will, in the ever-dispassionate words of Ciplet et al., have “furthered the interests of a powerful investor class while largely failing to address our most pressing issues of environmental and social inequality” – put a veneer of good intentions on the brutal realities of business as usual. Fossil capital keeps profiting – others suffer the murderous consequences.

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