Put carbon where it belongs — back in the soil

We focus on cutting carbon emissions –pumping fewer greenhouse gases into the air. But carbon/methane levels are already so high, and they’re generating so many feedback loops, that we also need ways to take carbon out of the atmosphere. Not with mad-scientist schemes like seeding the atmosphere and oceans, but by strengthening our biosphere’s natural carbon extraction processes.

That’s the argument Jacqueline Sussman develops in this 2014 article. And closer to home, the Northeast Organic Farmers’ Association posted this tip sheet and detailed white paper on their website.  You can also watch NOFA’s video here.

Then on Thursday April 28 there’ll be a talk on “Soil: Rising Star in the Climate Movement”, 7-8:30pm at First Church UU JP, 6 Eliot Street, Jamaica Plain with Seth Itzkan of Soil4Climate and Quinton Zondervan is president of the Climate Action Business Association. Two days later, on Saturday April 30, there’s a full-day carbon sequestration conference at Harvard (register here and details here).

For gardeners especially, if you want to learn about the fascinating relationship between plants and the micro-organisms that feed them (and vice versa), the book Teeming with Microbes is a wonderful start — and you can get it from the Boston Public Library!