Let’s bring clean power to EVERYONE in Boston!

BostonCAN and the Green Justice Coalition are urging the City of Boston to adopt Community Choice Energy. This simple plan will bring clean energy to everyone in Boston, stabilize our electric bills, create good jobs, and bring down Boston’s greenhouse gases. Our goal is to deliver half again as much green power as Eversource does without raising our electric bills. And that green power would come from local sources, which means more jobs, fewer climate-changing gases, and more money staying in Massachusetts.

There’s much more info on our new website. Please call your city councilors today. Come to the council’s first session at 3 pm Tuesday April 25. We are forming neighborhood climate action teams, and we meet alternate Thursdays at 6 pm, First Baptist Church, Jamaica Plain. Contact us and get involved!

Community Choice Energy will help Boston reach its goal of cutting carbon emissions one-quarter by 2020, just three years from now.

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