Community Choice Energy in the News

A recent Op/Ed in the Dorchester Reporter discussed Community Choice Energy as one of the best tools Boston has to fight climate change.

In October the City Council will take up a proposal for Community Choice Energy, which would add more renewable power to the electricity we use without raising our bills, and encourage the energy industry to build more solar and wind farms. Cities around Boston are doing it successfully and most members of the city council favors that program. Mayor Walsh should endorse it now. It’s the fastest, cheapest way to start us down a fossil-free road.

Read the full article here.

To help Community Choice Energy passed, we need people to show up to the hearing and pack the hall!

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One thought on “Community Choice Energy in the News

  1. Sara Driscoll September 24, 2017 / 10:51 pm

    Fabulous op-ed, Mike! Hits all the right targets and explains so well the dangers faced by Dorchester’s most low-lying communities.