Avani Prakash

Operations Intern


I was born and raised in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, where I lived in a house surrounded by woods and a park next door. I always appreciated the nature and wildlife I grew up with, and as I learned about the myriad threats encroaching upon our environment, my conviction to safeguard it grew stronger. Now, I am driven by the belief that we all have a responsibility to defend the planet for current and future generations. My overarching goal is to be a catalyst for positive change in environmental preservation and justice.As a second-year Environmental Studies major at Northeastern University, I am immersing myself in academic coursework to deepen my understanding of environmental issues. I have also gained real-world experience through various internships and opportunities. I recently interned with New Jersey Audubon, where I worked to train educators to enhance their ability to teach climate change and conducted environmental education lessons and demonstrations. This semester, I am continuing as a part of my university’s environmental action team, in addition to working as an undergraduate researcher at a marine ecology lab in Nahant, MA and interning with BCAN.

The climate crisis and its associated issues need to be addressed with urgency. I decided to intern at the Boston Climate Action Network because it confronts those pressing issues with a mission that aligns with my interests in advancing environmental justice and fighting climate change. I am honored to join BCAN and am excited to continue on this path of meaningful impact.