• Progress towards healthy and affordable homes

    The Boston Climate Action Network is thrilled to celebrate another step forward in our ongoing efforts toward green, healthy, and affordable homes. Affordable housing building owners can now apply for up to $10,000 grants supporting deep energy retrofits and decarbonization… Continue reading →

  • Hearing from community on building regulations

    Last week, the Boston Climate Action Network held a series of focus groups to gather input from community members across the city to inform regulations on carbon emissions from buildings, as a part of our work on the Building Emissions… Continue reading →

  • Building a Sustainable Future: Boston Adopts Climate-Friendly Stretch Code

    The City of Boston has taken a significant step towards reducing its carbon footprint by opting-in to the stretch code. This decision was made after the Boston City Council voted in favor of adopting the new climate-friendly state building code,… Continue reading →

  • BCAN Takes to the Streets: Advocacy Director Speaks at Climate Protest

    On March 3, 2023, Boston Common was the site of a powerful demonstration in support of action on climate change. Thousands of activists from across the city and beyond joined together to make their voices heard on this pressing issue.… Continue reading →

  • 2022 recap, and support BCAN going into 2023!

    2022 recap, and support BCAN going into 2023!

    Please join us in supporting Boston Climate Action Network in 2023 as we ramp up our campaigns for more sustainable schools and homes. While 2022 was another challenging year for many of us, it also brought reasons to hope for… Continue reading →

  • Global Climate Strike Boston 2022

    Written by Stefan Geller Over 100 climate activists gathered in front of the State House on Friday to take part in the “People, Not Profit” climate strike with Fridays For Future Massachusetts, demanding Gov. Charlie Baker and the Boston City… Continue reading →

  • Boston Climate Activists Join Fridays For Future Global Climate Strike

    March 23, 2022 Activists of Boston and beyond will come together this Friday to demand urgent action needed to combat the intersecting crises of racism, economic and energy injustice, housing, and climate change. The strike will be on March 25,… Continue reading →

  • Remembering Owen Toney

    Written by Loie Hayes In honor of Black History Month, BCAN wants to share a posthumous tribute to one of Boston’s most active Black climate organizers in the early 2000s: Owen Toney. Owen was an organizer with the local chapter… Continue reading →

  • Saluting Hazel Johnson, Environmental Justice Leader

    Written by Paula Georges From the 1970s until her death in 2011, Hazel Johnson empowered residents to seek redress from the pollutants that threatened their health. From the South Side of Chicago, she fought for clean air and water for… Continue reading →

  • Solidarity Action: Testify for Energy Justice

    From our allies, Clean Water Action Massachusetts: CWA is very thankful for your continuous support of their Energy Efficiency campaign, as the Department of Public Utilities review process comes to an end, we need as many advocates speaking up about… Continue reading →

  • Boston Climate News: Boston Underwater

    Summary of this Boston Globe article Post by Eliza Curtis The United Nations projects that the world is currently on the path towards 3 degrees Celsius of warming (post-industrial levels) by the end of the century. Even with commitments from… Continue reading →

  • BERDO Victory Celebration!

    In a ceremony held Tuesday, October 5, at City Hall, Mayor Kim Janey signed what appears to be the most sweeping climate action ordinance in the nation. Boston’s Building Emissions Reduction and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO) mandates owners of large building to… Continue reading →

  • City Council Hosts BERDO Working, Discussion Sessions

    The Government Operations Committee of the Boston City Council held two meetings in August to refine proposed amendments to the Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO). In a working session on Monday, August 23, councilors conferred with Mariama White-Hammond,… Continue reading →

  • BERDO 2.0’s Review Board—Does it Deliver Community Oversight to the “Greening” of Boston’s Largest Buildings?

    Written by Paula Georges Boston’s large buildings, including office, commercial and residential buildings, account for over half of the city’s carbon footprint. To reduce pollutants from Boston’s dirtiest buildings and meet Boston emissions reduction goals, the City has drafted an… Continue reading →

  • Behind Closed Doors

    Written by Paula Georges In January 2021, a group of researchers at the Institute for Environment and Society at Brown University, led by Professor J. Timmons Roberts, published a report, Who’s Delaying Climate Change in Massachusetts? The report documents how… Continue reading →

  • Regional Proposals to Adapt to the Consequences of Climate Change

    Written by Paula Georges Three recent opinion pieces published on the Boston Globe’s opinion page on Monday, May 31, 2021, suggest three ways to address the impact of climate change on Boston and the other communities along Massachusetts’ vulnerable coastline… Continue reading →

  • You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure!

    Written by Loie Hayes This old adage – you can’t manage what you don’t measure – goes to the heart of why BCAN fought for the first version of Boston’s Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO) back in 2013.… Continue reading →

  • Boston: Divest from Fossil Fuels!

    Congratulations to Boston City Councilors Lydia Edwards, Michelle Wu, and Matt O’Malley for having introduced on March 17 an ordinance that would divest City funds from the fossil fuel, tobacco, and private prison industries.… Continue reading →

  • Summer Internship Opportunity

    Application deadline: April 1 Boston Climate Action Network is accepting applications for a paid internship position, Outreach Organizer, to support our campaign to cut greenhouse gas emissions from Boston’s largest buildings. More than half of Boston’s greenhouse gas emissions come… Continue reading →

  • Flooding -The High Cost of Climate Change

    Written by Paula Georges The Boston Globe reports that as sea levels rise and storms become more powerful, the risk of flooding in the City is increasing, bringing with it potentially devastating financial impacts.  Citing a recent study from the… Continue reading →

  • CCE Automatic Enrollment: Done for Us, Not to Us

    As the City of Boston rolls out Community Choice Electricity (CCE), we hear or read occasional criticism of the program’s “opt-out” nature. To some, switching customers into the program unless they object feels like overreach, and non-transparent. We firmly disagree… Continue reading →

  • Donate to win big in 2021

    You know the facts of climate change. You want to “fight like hell for the living,” as Mother Jones has told us. Boston Climate Action Network is leading the effort for city-level urgent and ambitious action on climate. Here are… Continue reading →

  • Boston Rolls Out Community Choice Electricity with More Renewables, Lower Cost

    The City of Boston has released the long-awaited details of its Community Choice Electricity program (CCE). BCAN is thrilled to confirm that CCE offers all Boston electricity customers a painless but meaningful way to take action against climate change. The… Continue reading →

  • News Roundup: November

    Campaign Update – City Signs CCE Electricity Contract! The City of Boston has selected Constellation NewEnergy, Inc., as the electricity supplier for the Community Choice Electricity program (CCE). It has also announced that CCE will offer three “products” or electricity… Continue reading →

  • King Tides and Rising Seas

    BCAN continues to document the increasing frequency of flooding in Boston due to sea level rise. This is especially noticeable at “king tide” events, the next of which is upcoming on Sunday November 15th. And this is only just the… Continue reading →

  • Protect the Results

    BCAN’s campaign efforts usually do not include electoral issues and government appointments. However, the uncertainty of the presidential election warrants BCAN to use its influence to encourage a fair and democratic outcome.  On October 30, 2020, BCAN submitted the following letter… Continue reading →

  • News Roundup: October

    Campaign Update – Mothers Out Front Joins Buildings Campaign We’re building a coalition to green our buildings! This month, Mothers Out Front adopted a better BERDO 2.0 as one of their priorities. BERDO is the City’s 2014 ordinance mandating certain… Continue reading →

  • King Tide Rally 10/17/2020

    On Saturday 10/17, members of BCAN joined forces for the King Tide Rising Seas Rally. King Tides are especially high tides that occur during new or full moons, and pose an added danger to coastal cities such as Boston when… Continue reading →

  • COVID and Carbon Emissions

    Watch our new video on greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of the Coronavirus shutdown!

  • “Say Her Name”: BostonCAN in solidarity with Black Lives Matter Boston

    BostonCAN helped to swell the crowd during the “Say Her Name” march and rally, sponsored by Black Lives Matter Boston, on Saturday, July 4. The event was organized to “center and uplift the lives of ALL Black womxn [with] radical… Continue reading →

  • “Green Buildings” FAQ

    On Earth Day 2020, we launched a petition drive as part of our “Green Buildings, Not Greenhouse Gases” campaign. The petition is aimed at accelerating the pace of energy retrofits of large, existing buildings citywide. Because the current applicable city… Continue reading →

  • Solidarity Strengthens our Movement: Black Lives Matter

    Boston Climate Action Network understands that solidarity strengthens us rather than weakens us. Standing with movements that are not primarily focused on climate change expands our ability to envision and actualize a more equitable, sustainable world. As an organization focused… Continue reading →

  • Fossil Fuel, Health, and Inequality

    Researchers at Harvard University have found a link between long-term exposure to air pollution and death from COVID-19. According to The Boston Globe, these experts compared different neighborhoods in the United States and found that those with higher concentrations of… Continue reading →

  • Earth Day Challenge: Sign Our “Green Buildings” Petition

    “When you’re up to your a** in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your objective was to drain the swamp.” This saying really sums things up for climate activists these days! Fighting one global emergency is hard enough, and now… Continue reading →

  • EEOS comes to BCAN to discuss the CAP update

    The Mayor deserves major props for announcing that all new municipal buildings being designed now will have to meet net-zero standards. Still, the City’s existing municipal buildings need substantial energy-saving retrofits and the City already has a dedicated program, the Renew Boston Trust, that could fund these projects at an accelerated pace.… Continue reading →

  • Boston Must Lead By Example — 2019 Climate Action Plan Update

    Given Boston’s extreme vulnerability to flooding and heat waves, and the consequences of climate change for those worldwide who have contributed the least to the climate emergency, we must use sticks as well as carrots to push Boston’s building owners to decarbonize as quickly as possible.… Continue reading →

  • San Jose Bans Gas Pipelines for New Buildings by 2020

    On September 18, San Jose, CA became the largest US city to ban construction of new gas pipelines. All new buildings will have to be electric starting January of 2020.… Continue reading →

  • Climate Preparedness Week (Sept 24-30)

    Hot on the heals of the youth-led climate strike on September 20th, you can keep your activism alight by attending (or organizing) a local event as part of Climate Preparedness Week. Climate Preparedness Week is a collaborative effort started by Communities Responding… Continue reading →


    An overflow crowd of climate activists, City officials, and others filled the Boston office of the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) on Tuesday, August 20, for a public hearing on the City of Boston’s municipal aggregation plan. The hearing… Continue reading →

  • Community Choice Energy hearing at the DPU: Aug. 20

    We have been pushing for the last 2 years to increase the renewable electricity coming to all Boston households and businesses through Community Choice Energy (CCE). Now we’ve reached a crucial milestone: a hearing at the Department of Public Utilities… Continue reading →

  • We Need You! – Help Community Choice Energy Clear its Last Hurdle

    Calling all supporters of CCE!  We need you to show up on August 20th at 2pm, when the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) hears public testimony about Boston’s CCE plan. DPU approval is the last regulatory step before Boston… Continue reading →

  • Heat Wave Hits Boston – And the World

    Following the hottest June in recorded history, temperatures smashed records again in July. Paris grabbed the headlines with an all-time high of 108.7 degrees, but the city of lights did not suffer alone. European weather maps showed much of the continent in the… Continue reading →

  • New England waters warming quickly

    A new study finds that New England’s coastal waters have warmed faster than anywhere else in the continental U.S. What does the future hold? As satellite data show that June 2019 was the hottest June on record, a recent study… Continue reading →

  • New NYC Green Building Laws Offer Inspiration and Lessons for Boston

    In April 2019, New York City passed the $14B Climate Mobilization Act. The new laws will reduce the city’s carbon emissions nearly 30% by 2030 and create thousands of green jobs. The most ambitious aspect of the new legislation regulates… Continue reading →

  • Progress on CCE program guidelines

    Update: The City of Boston reports that it has submitted its CCE plan to the DPU on June 20! At the May 30th meeting of the Community Choice Energy (CCE) Working Group, the City of Boston reported that it is… Continue reading →

  • Contractors lead deep dive into retrofits

    BostonCAN recently announced its new campaign to promote deep energy retrofits of Boston’s existing buildings. What do these retrofits entail, and what are the challenges associated with them? On May 9, we hosted “A Discussion of Deep Energy Retrofits” in… Continue reading →

  • Speak out on Boston’s draft CCE plan!

    Speak out on Boston’s draft CCE plan!

    The City of Boston wants public comments on its draft plan for Community Choice Energy (CCE). You can submit written comments until 5pm on Friday, May 17. … Continue reading →

  • Tough Nut to Crack: Reducing Emissions from Boston’s Existing Buildings

    Tough Nut to Crack: Reducing Emissions from Boston’s Existing Buildings

    After a thorough process of research and deliberation, BostonCAN is excited to announce the focus of our next campaign: winning policy change to accelerate the conversion of Boston’s existing 86,000 buildings to clean energy for heat, cooling, lights, and all… Continue reading →

  • CCE Working Group Explores Green Energy Sourcing Alternatives

    CCE Working Group Explores Green Energy Sourcing Alternatives

    BostonCAN is a member of the Municipal Aggregation Working Group that the City’s Environment Department has formed to help ensure that Boston’s Community Choice Energy (CCE) program reflects community priorities.… Continue reading →

  • Carbon Pricing in Massachusetts

    Please join BCAN for a forum on carbon pricing legislation on Wednesday, February 6 at the UU Church, in Jamaica Plain at 7pm.   Carbon pricing bills have been filed in the Massachusetts House of Representatives and the Senate in… Continue reading →

  • BCAN Begins Design of New Campaign

    As the City of Boston works to implement Community Choice Energy, BCAN has been striving to define our next campaign. On Saturday, January 26, we held a productive retreat to determine how best to support and push Boston to achieve… Continue reading →

  • Learning from Cambridge’s Net Zero plan

    Learning from Cambridge’s Net Zero plan

    This Tuesday’s release of the Carbon Free Boston (CFB) report begins a political process for us to make hard choices to accomplish the necessary transition away from the fossil fuels devastating our global climate. The report will outline options that… Continue reading →

  • Boston’s Latest Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data

    Boston’s Latest Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data

    As the City of Boston begins the implementation of Community Choice Energy and prepares to release the Carbon Free Boston report, BCAN members are debating what we might do next to help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Boston. To… Continue reading →

  • Carbon Free Boston – Buildings

    Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy plans to release its Carbon Free Boston (CFB) report later this year, outlining a menu of policy options that the City of Boston might adopt to reach its 2050 goal of carbon neutrality. Written at the behest… Continue reading →

  • Carbon Free Boston – Transportation

    Later this year, the City of Boston and the Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy plan to release the findings of the Carbon Free Boston (CFB) Initiative with concrete recommendations on how to achieve Boston’s goal to become carbon neutral… Continue reading →

  • Giving Thanks: Progress Party for CCE Allies

    Several dozen climate hawks, including three official representatives of the City of Boston, attended a joyous CCE Progress Party on Nov. 12 at Democracy Brewing in downtown Boston. … Continue reading →

  • Carbon Free Boston Review – Electricity

    Carbon Free Boston (CFB) is the city’s initiative to reach carbon neutrality by the year 2050. For about a year, CFB researchers have been studying the pros and cons of different paths to that goal. Their report, due out later… Continue reading →

  • Top 5 Things to Know About Community Choice Energy

    The City of Boston has begun the early stages of setting up community choice energy!  As this critical process gets started, there’s never been a better time to understand what this means for you and other Boston residents. 1. What’s… Continue reading →

  • Consumers Don’t Have to Fear CCE

    Jon Chesto, one of the Boston Globe’s business writers, has been covering the news about Boston’s process of deciding to implement a municipal electricity aggregation program, what we call Community Choice Energy or CCE. Chesto’s most recent article, published on… Continue reading →

  • Boston Takes Next Step on CCE!

    Boston Takes Next Step on CCE!

    Mayor Walsh announced today that the City of Boston will issue a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for a consultant to design and set up a Community Choice Energy (CCE) program. With this action, the Walsh administration embarks on the actual… Continue reading →

  • Legislature Misses Opportunity for Climate Justice & Equity

    Thanks to guest blogger Andrea Nyamekye, of Neighbor to Neighbor, for co-authoring this post. The Massachusetts legislature just concluded its 2-year law-making cycle. While it did succeed in making some progress on climate change policy, the state legislature severely missed the… Continue reading →

  • Net Zero Webinar

    The City of Boston is considering a proposal to require all new buildings to produce as much energy as they consume. With thick insulation, controlled ventilation, and solar panels, these types of buildings are called “Net Zero” since they have… Continue reading →

  • Report back: Climate Town Hall with Rep. Jeff Sánchez

    Report back: Climate Town Hall with Rep. Jeff Sánchez

    Last Thursday, July 12 a crowd of constituents filled the First Church in JP for a “Climate Town Hall with Jeffrey Sánchez,” to urge Representative Sanchez as the House Ways and Means Chair to support passage of a strong climate… Continue reading →

  • Report Back: Carbon Free Boston Briefing

    The City of Boston has committed to become a carbon neutral city in a little over 30 years.  Getting there will require changes large and small across many sectors of the city.  Where to begin?  The City, Green Ribbon Commission… Continue reading →

  • Massachusetts Green Energy Bill is Down to the Wire

    Massachusetts Green Energy Bill is Down to the Wire

    With a 35–0 vote, the Massachusetts Senate passed a comprehensive bill on June 14 that would “promote a clean energy future” across the state. Here are some of the bill’s most important provisions: Raising Massachusetts’ Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) by… Continue reading →

  • Questions about Boston’s New Large Scale Renewable Buying Plan

    Questions about Boston’s New Large Scale Renewable Buying Plan

    Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh announced a new plan on Thursday, June 7, to potentially join forces with other large cities around the country to buy into large-scale renewable energy projects together. The initiative will start with an information-gathering phase, to be… Continue reading →

  • CCE is not Rocket Science!

    CCE is not Rocket Science!

    At a hearing on May 30, Boston City Councilors, energy experts, and community members all pressed Alison Brizius, Boston’s Director of Climate and Environmental Planning, for answers she often could not supply. Asked by Councilor Matt O’Malley to project a… Continue reading →

  • Refuting Common Objections to Community Choice Energy for Boston

    In advance of the City Council hearing today at City Hall, BostonCAN has compiled a list of responses to the common objections we hear from the Office of Energy Environment and Open Spaces (EEOS) about why they should delay implementing… Continue reading →

  • CCE – Quantifying The Cost of Delay

    CCE – Quantifying The Cost of Delay

    Almost half the world’s population lives in cities, which are bearing the brunt of climate change impacts: sea level rise, extreme weather, and declining air quality and public health. Thankfully, a growing global alliance of cities is committing to mitigate… Continue reading →

  • Carbon Reduction: The Cost of Delay

    Carbon Reduction: The Cost of Delay

    Last fall, the Boston City Council passed, and the mayor signed, an order authorizing the implementation of a Community Choice Energy (CCE) program. The Office of Environment, Energy, and Open Space (EEOS) said that this process would take two years—longer… Continue reading →

  • BostonCAN on Earth Day

    BostonCAN on Earth Day

    BostonCAN celebrated Earth Day in Dorchester this weekend, handing out fliers for Community Choice Energy and talking with local residents and activists.  We had lots of people pose in front of Rosie the Riveter to make a statement to the… Continue reading →

  • Competitive Electric Supply: A Choice Best Made by the Community

    A research report released in March by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office says that the competitive electricity supply market has been harmful to consumers who signed up as individual customers. The study found that residents who contracted directly with competitive… Continue reading →

  • National Grid Suing City to Allow Continued Pollution

    Natural gas utility National Grid has chosen to sue the City of Boston. The purpose of the suit to protect National Grid from having to conform to the gas leak ordinance passed by the City Council and signed by the… Continue reading →

  • CCE Op-Ed in Commonwealth Magazine

    CCE Op-Ed in Commonwealth Magazine

    Darlene Lombos, the Executive Director of Community Labor United, wrote an editorial piece for Commonwealth Magazine last month about Community Choice Energy and the need for the Mayor’s office to take swift action implementing it for Boston. As the largest… Continue reading →

  • BostonCAN on the News

    BostonCAN on the News

    BNN News interviewed members of BostonCAN as part of a larger piece on climate readiness in Boston in the wake of two recent “Once in a Generation” storms that caused so much flooding. Storm Prompts Call for Climate Action from… Continue reading →

  • Rising Seas Rally in the News

    Rising Seas Rally in the News

    BCAN’s Rising Seas Rally made a splash. We got picked up by multiple news outlets.  The Boston Globe interviewed our campaign coordinator Andy Bean: Bean said he hopes the city this year implements the Community Choice Energy plan that Boston’s City… Continue reading →

  • City Issues CCE Request for Information

    City Issues CCE Request for Information

    The City of Boston’s Department of Environment, Energy, and Open Space (EEOS) has initiated a formal process of information gathering to help it understand the implications of providing a Community Choice Energy program. EEOS Chief Austin Blackmon has released a… Continue reading →

  • Carbon Free Boston, mostly Content Free

    Carbon Free Boston, mostly Content Free

    Last Wednesday, 2/8, many of us attended the City’s “Let’s Talk Carbon Neutral” program. Presenters included Environment, Energy and Open Space Chief, Austin Blackmon; Director of Climate and Environmental Planning, Alison Brizius;  Professor of Earth and Environment at Boston University… Continue reading →

  • Toxics Action Conference Coming Up!

    The Toxics Action Network will be hosting its annual Local Environmental Action Conference on March 3rd, 2018.  This all-day event brings together environmental activists from all over New England to share stories and strategies.  Attendees can choose from dozens of workshops on environmental… Continue reading →

  • Upcoming CCE City Council Hearing

    Upcoming CCE City Council Hearing

    Boston City Councilors Michelle Wu and Matt O’Malley recently filed a new order to monitor the progress of the implementation of CCE for the City of Boston.  The direct result of the order will be a new hearing: THEREFORE BE… Continue reading →

  • Tell Harvard to Stop Profiting from Climate Change

    Should anyone invest in a company that profits twice from a disaster it helped cause? Social justice activists say NO! Community Labor United (CLU), with its partners Hedge Clippers, Harvard Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM), and Massachusetts Jobs with Justice,… Continue reading →

  • CCE Celebration this Thursday

    CCE Celebration this Thursday

    2017 marked a major milestone in the campaign for Community Choice Energy in Boston — an order passed unanimously by the City Council and signed by Mayor Walsh. Come celebrate!  Boston Climate Action Network invites you to join us this… Continue reading →

  • Boston Climate Ready Leaders Training

    Boston Climate Ready Leaders Training

    The City of Boston is looking for Climate Ready Boston Leaders to raise awareness about climate change – and the City’s initiatives to fight it – at the neighborhood level. Last summer, approximately 70 participants were trained in this new… Continue reading →

  • Grassroots Funds Webinar

    Tomorrow, January 9th at 12pm, the New England Grassroots Environment Fund is hosting a webinar on community organizing, hosted by their Executive Director Julia Dundorf. Register to join! Learn about our Guiding Principles for strong community organizing that increases your… Continue reading →

  • Flooding in Boston

    Flooding in Boston

    Boston began to feel the toll of sea level rise during last week’s winter storm.  The waters came up all over city – in the Seaport, Atlantic Avenue, the South Shore, Neponset, and the North End. The pictures are pretty… Continue reading →

  • BCAN 2017 Holiday Party

    It was a long year full of victories and defeats. This past month, members of BCAN got together to mark the end of the year, sing songs, and get ourselves ready for 2018. This is us singing Woody Guthrie’s This… Continue reading →

  • Back Bay Pipeline Hearing Tomorrow!

    Back Bay Pipeline Hearing Tomorrow!

    As we have reported, National Grid has proposed to construct a new, mile-long gas pipeline through Boston’s Back Bay and South End. The line would carry “fracked” gas to service new buildings. On Thursday, December 7, the City of Boston’s… Continue reading →

  • Boston Plastic Bag Ban Vote Tomorrow!

    Boston Plastic Bag Ban Vote Tomorrow!

    The City Council may choose to vote tomorrow (Wednesday, 11/29) to enact a plastic bag ban ordinance. Opponents of the ban are already bombarding the councilors and the mayor with “vote no” emails, so we need to do all we… Continue reading →

  • New Cantastoria Video

    Earlier this month, members of the Boston Climate Action Network performed their Cantastoria at the Massachusetts College of Art. This production contains an update reflecting the City Council’s unanimous vote authorizing CCE! The Cantastoria was one of many ways that… Continue reading →

  • Back Bay Pipeline Delayed

    On November 2, 2017, Boston’s Public Improvement Commission (PIC) held a public hearing on a pipeline proposed by National Grid. Transporting fracked natural gas, the pipeline would go through the Back Bay and South End.  Approximately 60 Boston residents attended… Continue reading →

  • Climate Ready Boston is Hiring

    Climate Ready Boston is Hiring

    Climate Ready Boston has announced a grant-funded job opportunity with the City of Boston.  Details below: The Climate Ready Boston Coordinator will be a key player in helping the City build resilient solutions to prepare Boston for the impacts of… Continue reading →

  • CCE in the Boston Globe

    The Boston Globe released an editorial on Community Choice Energy in its October 8th print edition. There are lots of reasons for Boston to lead the way with this sort of program. One, of course, is that the city sits… Continue reading →

  • CCE Authorized Unanimously!

    CCE Authorized Unanimously!

    Boston City Council voted unanimously today to authorize Marty Walsh to implement Community Choice Energy. This is a huge step forward toward our goal of having a citywide green electricity purchasing program!

  • Big Showing at City Council Today

    Big Showing at City Council Today

    Thanks to everyone who came out to the Boston City Council hearing this afternoon. We packed the hall, filling every seat, lining up against the back wall, with people standing outside the door. Together, we made our voice heard —… Continue reading →

  • A powerful argument for Community Choice Energy

    Low- and moderate-income people make up 40 percent of the country’s population, but account for less than 5 percent of all solar customers. And “An equitable and complete transition to renewable energy cannot occur without the full participation of low-… Continue reading →

  • Community Choice Energy Hearing Today!

    Community Choice Energy Hearing Today!

    Come out to show you want the Boston City Council to pass Community Choice Energy and get more renewable energy into the mix for Boston residents and businesses. Winter Chamber 26 Court Street 2pm The nearest MBTA station is Government… Continue reading →

  • Hearing Tuesday: Boston must step up the pace of climate action!

    Hearing Tuesday: Boston must step up the pace of climate action!

    Community Choice Energy would speed up Boston’s transition to clean energy.… Continue reading →

  • A Good Choice for Boston

    It’s not too late to prevent climate change from getting worse.  If we stop burning fossil fuels, we’ll lower our carbon footprint, and the climate will eventually get back to normal. Community Choice Energy (CCE) is a good way of reducing… Continue reading →

  • Community Choice Energy in the News

    Community Choice Energy in the News

    A recent Op/Ed in the Dorchester Reporter discussed Community Choice Energy as one of the best tools Boston has to fight climate change. In October the City Council will take up a proposal for Community Choice Energy, which would add… Continue reading →

  • Why Monica Supports CCE

    Bostonians want Community Choice Energy – a sensible energy policy approach toward aggressively combating climate change. There is a City Council Hearing on October 3rd at 2pm at City Hall to discuss Community Choice Energy. We need to pack the… Continue reading →