Resources on Climate Change

Curricular Resources on Climate Change

The amount of precipitation falling in very heavy events in our region (the Northeast) has increased 71% since 1958, according to the Global Change Research Program of the US Department of the Interior. The map is here.

Special issue on climate change from Change Agent, a magazine for Adult Education programs  explains what global warming is, how it affects people, and what individuals and groups can do about it. Written for low-literacy Adult Education readers but applicable in many other contexts as well. Community study group anyone? Copy and art for flyers perhaps? Copies will be available at BostonCAN events or order a copy online:

Great power-point on how yucky plastic bags are:

Short accessible videos to spark lively discussion

1) “Why 350?” is a completely nonverbal 90-second introduction to climate change and the campaign to make the 2009 international climate change negotiations reflect the urgency of the problem and the scale of the solution needed.

2) For adults and teens who are prepared to emotionally surmount the fears that climate reality inspires, this succinct video animation from Australia explains the concept of “tipping points” and urgency of political action on climate change: “Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip.” It’s scary but if you can stick it out for the full 11 minutes, it leaves you with enough inspiration to “get a grip” and get active! (The Australian accent might make it difficult for some American ears but the website also provides the full script as well.

Cool Classroom activity – Catalog Cancelling Challenge
Want to save trees, water, energy and our climate? Your school is invited to take action with the free and easy Catalog Canceling Challenge to cancel as many unwanted sales catalogs as you can in thirty days. Get a grade, class, or club together and start canceling! It’s that simple. And it makes a difference. See for instructions, movies, results, and more! Call 617-512-8724 with any questions.

Recycled materials for teachers
ExCL is Extras for Creative Learning, a recycle center in Dorchester where teachers, group leaders, parents, and artists are able to obtain low-cost or no-cost recycled materials that offer unlimited creative opportunities.

You can find these and many other videos on our YouTube channel

Bill McKibben speaking about at the “Green Roots Festival” in Jamaica Plain, 2008

Van Jones on Green Collar Jobs, Dorchester, MA, 2007

“One Earth, One Climate,” the Boston rally for Step It Up, 2007

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