Ella Donahue

Summer Events & Development Associate


Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, my parents always taught me to appreciate what the world has to offer, including nature, through hiking, swimming, running, and more. The best part about home is going back to my favorite hiking spot, the Moss Rock Preserve, with my great pyrenees Sebastian. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve understood how deeply my life is impacted by the natural world. 

I spent my four years of high school being extremely involved in everything I possibly could, from Student Council to Relay for Life to sports to theater, recognizing that each opportunity offered valuable lessons and personal growth. When I had the opportunity to continue my education at Boston University, I was so excited to take a leap, even though it was so far away from everything I had known and loved. Studying political science on the pre-law track, I swiftly grasped the importance of political engagement through both my classes and the reality of the world we live in. From petitioning on the national level to even lobbying at my own university, I realized the only way to make change happen is to be a part of that change in any way you can. 

Joining BCAN, I now realize the potential to make a positive impact on the Boston community, including myself, by working towards a more environmentally conscious and sustainable Boston. As an intern at BCAN, I aspire to contribute, no matter how modestly, to tackling the urgent climate crisis.