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BCAN offers many opportunities to get involved in climate action:

  • Subscribe to our mailing list for campaign news and action alerts
    • Send letters to decision-makers, sign petitions
  • Get involved with one of our teams (Communications, policy & research, outreach, big-picture strategy, data, and more)
  • Attend direct actions, other activist events, and house parties
  • Table at a fair
  • Testify at public hearings
  • Sing in a skit!
  • Design and make a banner
  • Check out other events

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Individual actions you can take:

BCAN is committed to coming together around systemic changes that impact the short and long term challenges around climate justice in a sustainable way. In addition to joining the fight to create real change in our city, here are some immediate steps you can take:

  • Sign up for Community Choice Electricity, or opt up to 100% renewable!
    • Spread the word to your community and neighbors to make sure they’re signed up too!
  • See if you’re eligible for Mass Save incentives for your home! There are specific savings for renters and low income folks, and if you have questions, our allies at All In Energy are eager to help!
  • Check out BCAN and broader community events in our calendar below: