How to Call Your State Senator – 2020

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Below is an example call script that you can adapt.

Dear Senator,
I’m writing to ask you to support S.2476, S.2477, and S.2478, the package of climate bills that are expected to come up for votes this week.

S.2476, An Act to accelerate the transition of cars, trucks and buses to carbon-free power, promotes vehicle electrification, most notably by requiring that transit buses purchased in 2030 or beyond be all-electric. This is an important part of the premise that when you want to get out of a hole, the first act you must take is to stop digging.

S.2477, An act setting next generation climate policy sets stringent greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for 2030 (at least 50% below 1990) and 2040 (at least 75% below 1990).  This is an essential update to the GWSA, which is now outdated in that it was based on science available in 2008, and we know now that climate change requires more urgent and complete decarbonization of our economy.

S.2478, An Act relative to Energy Savings Efficiency (Energy SAVE), updates long overdue state water and energy efficiency standards for 17 common household and commercial products. Several states have already updated their standards, including Vermont, Washington, Hawaii, and Colorado. This bill made strong progress last session and is overdue for passage.

Please let me know how you will vote on these measures! Thank you for your leadership!