Who Will Be Boston’s Climate Champion Mayor?

Live in Boston? Do you want the next Mayor to make climate and sustainability a high priority for prompt and ambitious action?

Sign the Neighborhoods for Climate Accountability petition.

Neighborhoods for Climate Accountability (N4CA) is a coalition of grassroots groups based in Boston neighborhoods. Convened by Boston Climate Action Network, its founding organizations are Green Dorchester, GreeningRozzie, Planet Southie, West Roxbury Saves Energy and Alternatives for Community and Environment.

N4CA is focused on making sure that Boston’s next Mayor is a climate champion. Our main strategy is linking a questionnaire on climate issues for the candidates with a petition for voters to show that climate is a key criteria for judging the readiness of the candidates. Eight of the Mayoral candidates have responded in depth to our questionnaire, addressing issues from health to solid waste, transportation, food security, and divestment from fossil fuel companies, among others.

As neighborhood-based groups, we bring a crucial element to climate politics in the City of Boston. There are several wonderful statewide and national environmental organizations in Boston but their memberships are largely outside the city. As the City administration prepares for the 2014 update of its Climate Action Plan – and our first new Mayor in 20 years – the voices of people who live in Boston’s neighborhoods must join with policy experts to shape practical and socially just solutions to the climate issues challenging our city and region.

We welcome endorsements from other neighborhood groups based in the City of Boston and other allies engaged promoting sustainability as an issue in the Boston mayoral outcome. Please read the candidates’ statements, sign the petition, and spread the word to your friends.