Welcome, Justin!

We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Boston Climate Action Network team! 🎊

🕊 Overview
  • Compensation: $18 per hour
  • Start date: Monday, September 11, 2023
  • End date: To be determined

👋 Our Team
Hessann Farooqi (he/him), Advocacy Director

🎉 Our Culture
🥳 Ready to accept?

If you’re ready to join our team, here’s what we need from you:

  • Reply to Hessann’s email to officially accept your offer.
  • Create a MA Clean Energy Center Student Profile. Let Hessann know once you’ve done this. We’ll need this to start paying you.
  • Make it official. You’ll get an email to securely sign your offer letter and your W-9. We’ll need this to start paying you.
  • Feel free to flex! Brag about your new position on LinkedIn. To help, we’ve made a quick and easy template you can use.